Quick Checkout + XShipping Pro

Case Studies

Merging Modules from Various Developers

Marketinsg.com was founded in 2011 and has since been offering top-quality OpenCart e-commerce extensions for businesses ranging from small to large. One such module is the Quick Checkout, which enhances your customer’s checkout experience by allowing full customization of the checkout process, from adding to removing fields.

Opencartmart.com is also an impressive team of module developers, recognizable by their series of modules starting with an “X,” making them easy to identify. Each module is very popular. The module I integrated this time is X Shipping Pro, which allows merchants to define their own shipping methods/costs. The range of conditions that can be set is remarkably extensive.

No Longer need to call to confirm order …

The request this time comes from kmcake.tw, who wants to integrate the delivery date & time feature from Quick Checkout with X Shipping Pro. They use X Shipping Pro to set up multiple storefronts since OpenCart natively supports only one store pick-up 🤣. Kmcake.tw owns more than a dozen storefronts, each with its own operating hours. When customers place orders online, they hope to have corresponding self-pickup times to choose from. This will help in planning their production schedule and shipment timing.

We hope to set specific pickup times for different storefronts, as each store has its own operating hours. If customers can specify a pickup time when placing orders online, then customer service representatives will no longer need to call to confirm order details.

If you’re interested in my services, I would charge a three-year service fee of approximately USD$ 1899 in total. This fee covers website maintenance and training, ensuring your website operates smoothly and continues to receive orders. If there are any special requirements, I will do my best to fulfill them, just like with the Quick Checkout + XShipping Pro integration this time.



Actually, no matter how the website changes, customer service representatives still need to make confirmation calls. Don’t underestimate this call; it adds warmth and emotion to online transactions. Simply wishing a customer “Happy Birthday” during the call can make them very happy.

The key to customer retention is mood; if they’re in a good mood, they won’t care how difficult your website is to order; they will return to buy again.

This means that integrating these two features isn’t necessarily required. Calling the customer upon receiving an order can equally address the needs for production scheduling and delivery planning. Only when you, like kmcake.tw, have more than 20 stores and deal with over 1000 orders daily should you consider solving the problem at its root, by allowing consumers to specify a pickup date and time when placing an order.