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If you don’t have screen recording software, use your phone to record your computer screen. Hold it steady, capture the entire screen, and go through the steps of your issue. Once done, send the video to me for assistance.

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US$ 1,899 / 3 Years

If you’re interested in my services, I would charge a three-year service fee of approximately USD$ 1899 in total. This fee covers website maintenance and training, ensuring your website operates smoothly and continues to receive orders.

Case Studies

Admin over 100 OpenCart

As a hardworking and detail-oriented individual, I ensure all aspects of my work meet high standards. If you feel my charges are too high, I believe you should not only consider how much time it takes to solve a single issue. What I offer is three years of website maintenance service. Compared to this, my fees are definitely lower than the salary of a full-time employee. I guarantee you won’t find a website administrator with as much experience as I have.


“Finding LIN LI-HSIN was a stroke of luck for us. He’s like a superhero for our website, quickly solving any issue, big or small. His ability to simplify complex technical problems and provide solutions at any hour brings us great comfort. Lin isn’t just a tech expert; he’s a dependable friend ready to tackle challenges. We’re deeply thankful for his support, ensuring our website runs smoothly and letting us focus on growing our business without stress.”


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